May 2023

Space Hub Sutherland Viewing Rocket Launch
Launch Site, Space Port

Space Hub Sutherland

The Space Hub Sutherland is a government project by the HIE, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, to develop a launch site in northern Scotland. It is one of two spaceports being developed in Scotland, the other one being SaxaVord Spaceport.

SaxaVord Spaceport with RFA Location
Launch Site, Space Port

SaxaVord Spaceport

SaxaVord Spaceport, located in the Shetland Islands all the way in Northern Scotland, will be the largest orbital spaceport in the UK and possibly in Europe. Founded in 2018 as one of the primary contenders of the UK’s space initiative, SaxaVord is building a massive facility with launch pads for orbital rockets, a satellite tracking station, housing for crew and tourists, and even reviving an old airport.

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